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Croissance et succès avec Sens & Nuances

Make personal and professional development go hand in hand with the success of organizations.


The evolution of the business world is faced with many challenges that are imposed upon it. Among them are technological, organizational, environmental and human factors. It has become essential to rethink work at all levels:

conjonctural, structural and human.

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Our mission

Using coaching, we aim to create a fair and more ethical business world that generates positive growth on all levels: professionally, personally and financially.

Because diversity is key, we especially support people with atypical and international profiles, as well as the organizations that welcome them.

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Our playground

We are specialized in coaching organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals on their journey for meaning, for those who wish to participate in a fairer world through their personal and professional development.

At Sens & Nuances you get a safe and challenging setting, that provides a space for you to develop your projects, in all their nuances.

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Did you know?

In French, the term "Sens" has a very rich meaning which describes:

1. Each of the psychophysiological functions related to the five senses;

2. The ability to know and appreciate something in an immediate and intuitive way;

3. The direction;

4. A reason for being or finding a purpose.



Sandra Morel

Founder, expert in organizational and digital strategy, certified coach specialized in atypical and highly sensitive profiles according to the 3D Method®.

Sandra is passionate about neurosciences, foreign languages and especially about funny expressions in all languages.

French, English, German

Because I value diversity of skills and knowledge, I make it a point to honor the partnerships with other experts to best meet the needs of my clients.

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