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Succès et entrepreneuriat chez Sens & Nuances

"The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle." 
Steve Jobs

Dear entrepreneurs,
bienvenue chez Sens & Nuances !


Creating a business or embarking on your self-employed journey has many facets: from business strategy and marketing to time management, which of course includes the strong emotional bond and values that go behind creating such a project. Coaching on this topic is just as diverse and comprehensive! We see ourselves as your partner in this process and adjust our approach to meet your personal needs. Between coaching and practical advice, we help you identify and resolve your greatest challenges as well as define a step-by-step action plan so you can successfully develop your company.

Some of us see the world a little differently than others. We also adapt the coaching sessions and our approach to meet the problems encountered specifically by highly sensitive, gifted and/or multpotentialis entrepreneurs, the ones with ADHD or a learning difficulty (DYS).



  • Get support during the creation phase as you set up your freelancing business or if you wish to develop it further;

  • Develop a meaningful and sparkly project;

  • Gain the tools to become successfully self-employed over the long-term and be in alignment with your values;

  • Partner up with a professional to prioritize and give structure to what feels like too many ideas;

  • Have someone by your side who can guide and motivate you;

  • Help you turn your Neurodivergence (HSP, giftedness, ADHD, Dys) into a strength during your entrepreneurial process.

Our services



Our personalized approach is particularly adapted to people in search of meaning and passion and/or to neuroatypical and hypersensitive profiles.

  • 3-hour "Small Impulse" package to review your existing offer, adapt your strategy and develop an effective and realistic action plan to boost your business. 

  • 5-hour "Building Momentum" package to (re)work on your offer and your marketing strategy, develop an effective and realistic action plan to boost your business and possibly remove certain obstacles.

  • 10 hour "Creating Impact" Package to do the same and include accountability sessions to keep your motivation at the highest level and ensure the implementation of your action plan.



Being an entrepreneur and self-employed can sometimes be lonely. That is why we offer group workshops for those who wish to exchange and learn from the experiences of other participants.
Our offer is adapted to highly sensitive and neuroatypical profiles.

  • The basics of entrepreneurship: turning what sparkles into a fulfilling and lucrative business;

  • Towards more visibility: marketing basics for solo-entrepreneurs;

  • Organization and time management for neurodivergent people: highly sensitive, gifted, AD(H)D and learning difficulties;

  • The basics of effective client communication;

  • Writing an impactful client proposal;

  • Neuroatypical, sensitive and highly motivated.


Do you want a safe and positive setting, completely adapted to your needs that gives you the space to focus specifically on your topics? Do you feel more comfortable in a one-on-one setting? Then coaching is the right choice for you! You benefit from customized support within an inviting setting where it’s all about you. We move at your pace and adjust the coaching process to your needs.

EXCLA 7_edited.png

Working together

The time it takes to complete a successful individualized coaching plan for entrepreneurs is about eight to ten sessions taking place every two weeks. The duration varies according to where you and your business are in the development process and, therefore, what your own needs are. This is why we will assess your personal situation during a free discovery call and send you an estimate that meets your requirements.

As entrepreneurs, we color our business with our personality and make it unique. This is why we are committed to accompanying atypical and sensitive personalities in the creation of a successful and sustainable project, tinted with your colors and respecting your needs.


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