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Le cerveau des hypersensibles avec Sens & Nuances

"Do not despise anyone's sensibility.
The sensibility of each person is his genius."

Charles Baudelaire

Understand high sensitivity


According to Elaine Aron in her book “The Highly Sensitive Person”, highly sensitive people (HPS) are born with a personality trait and a sensitive nervous system that allows them to perceive all kinds of subtle messages from the outside and the inside. “It's not a matter of having sharper eyes or better hearing, but we process the information we receive in a much deeper way than others.”

In more specific terms, high sensitivity (affecting 30% of the population) describes an increased sensitivity of the nervous system and a deeper cognitive processing of physical, social and emotional stimuli. In other words, HPS perceive and receive more information, work on it more thoroughly by integrating all the subtleties linked to their environment and relationships, and associates these factors with elements that are already known. This means that a situation perceived as moderately stimulating by the majority of people will be described by HPS as being of extremely high intensity


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The business world brings its share of challenges, whatever field you may be working in or the position you may hold. While highly sensitive people are incredible collaborators who are conscientious, exacting, resourceful, creative and possessing a strong team spirit, workplace challenges can lead to a notable unease, often accompanied by a lack of understanding and a strong feeling of guilt.

Why is that? Because HPS are in a perpetual search for meaning and perceive their environment differently. What may seem insignificant to others, will hit them hard: from the atmosphere within the team or the company, to the need to fit into boxes or into a very strict framework. Not to mention justifying why certain tasks or decisions are being carried out.

This is how a professional coaching focused on high sensitivity helps finding what is right for oneself and one's team.

L'hypersensibilité avec Sens & Nuances

Neurodivergence is an umbrella term for anyone whose brain functions differently from the norm.

When we talk about neurodivergence or atypical profiles, we are often referring to – and rightly so – diagnosable patterns or disorders such as autism, ADHD, giftedness (high intellectual potential) or all other “DYS-conditions“*. However, the world of high sensitivity also extends to hypersensitive profiles with no known disorders and which are much less talked about in the workplace, much to the dismay of the employees, managers and entrepreneurs concerned.



Our systemic and global approach to the business world has led us to work at two different levels:

  • On an individual level: we accompany our clients as they discover their own high sensitivity and together find the keys to embrace their uniqueness on a personal and professional level.

  • On a structural level: we work with organizations to create a fair, ethical and growth-enhancing work environment that welcomes the diversity of its employees. We sensitize teams to (neuro) diversity issues and train managers and executives in managing atypical profiles.

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